Free Golden Ratio Social Bookmark Icons

The Golden Ratio is also called the divine proportion. In webdesign it is also a basic practice to adhere to the Golden Ratio to make a design “pleasing for the eyes”….

If you never heard about it: more about the golden ratio in webdesign and also read something more about it on wikipedia.

One of the principles is that the Ratio (1.68) is repeated in the design,

So for the social bookmark icons inside a professional design I have created a basic pack of social bookmark icons that adhere to the 1:16.8 ratio (also called φ). You can use them in golden ratio design to further repeat the pattern downwards.

p.s. : note that most stuff about the golden ratio is a load of crap: (so the intent is not to do some magic stuff but merely to have inspiration for the buttons).



The icons are released under Creative Commons 3.0 and you are free to use them on your website.


If they are useful to you consider donating:





I did not have time to update this one any further this year, I have however received numerous requests which I promise I will pick up (some day …) :

a Skype icon, PSN button, another twitter button like

, Foursquare, Picassa, Skype. xbox button could be updated

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